Real Hair Or Synthetic Wig

Should I Buy Real Hair Or Synthetic Wig?

Synthetic Wigs

Although cheaper, they are not in any way inferior.  These are lighter and a lot easier to look after.  Just shake the wig and tease back into shape with your fingers or with a special vent brush and styling spritz.  Specialist shampoos and conditioners are used with synthetic fibre.  They come in all styles with wig caps in many configurations and are very easy to manage.

Real Hair Wigs

A real hair wig can be styled with the use of a hand dryer and styling irons.  Aftercare is the same as normal hair, wash with specialist shampoo and always use conditioner to keep the hair in top condition.  Blot dry, never wring and dry on a wig stand or with a hand dryer.
This type of wig looks very natural and, although expensive, can give the wearer complete confidence.
Hair needs more styling and looking after but the effect is great.
New in is the real hair and half synthetic wig giving you the best of both worlds.
Until recently, getting a human hair wig pre-styled in a modern short style has been difficult but we have now found a company who we would recommend.  Please look at them here on our website and see what you think.